Remuneration and Expenses


Alex Graham’s remuneration and expenses for the years since he became a member of the Highland Council in May 2007.

Year 2011–12
Salary (Basic Councillor) 16,233.96
Mileage Nil
Other Travel Nil
Meals/Accomodation Nil
Telephone 269.32
Other Expenses* 411.15
Total Salary & Expenses 16,914.43
Year 2010-11 2009–10
Salary (Basic Councillor) 16,233.96 16,233.33
Mileage Nil Nil
Other Travel 12.50 Nil
Meals/Accomodation 15.90 39.75
Telephone 217.14 221.88
Other Expenses* Nil Nil;
Total Salary & Expenses 16,479.50 16,494.96
Year 2008–09 2007–08
Salary (Basic Councillor) 15,837.36 14,030.31
Mileage Nil Nil
Other Travel Nil Nil
Meals/Accomodation Nil Nil
Telephone 277.89 212.48
Other Expenses* 21.00 116.10
Total Salary & Expenses 16,136.25 14,358.89

The Basic Councillor salary is an amount set nationally and paid to all Scottish councillors. This amount is currently frozen.

* “Other Expenses” comprises hall hire for surgeries, surgery adverts, and a subscription fee to the Association of Councillors.

The figures for 2007-08 cover the period from May 2007 to 31 March 2008, and therefore do not comprise a full year. Other periods comprise a full financial year.

Alex Graham is also a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme as a councillor. In addition to his own contributions, which were deducted from the salary shown, the Highland Council made contributions to the scheme as an employer. The employer contribution rates applicable were 17.4% of salary in 2008–09 and 16.8% of salary in 2007–08.

Further details of the remuneration and expnses of members of the Highland Council can be found on the Council website at:

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