Remuneration and Expenses


In common with all other Scotland councillors, Alex Graham is entitled to remuneration and expenses for being a member of the local authority

Year 2020-21
Salary (Basic Councillor) 17,853.96
Mileage Nil
Other Travel Nil
Meals/Accomodation Nil
Telephone 230.57
Other Expenses* Nil
Total Salary & Expenses 18,084.53

*  Other Expenses  comprises items such as hall hire for surgeries, surgery adverts, etc.

The Basic Councillor salary is an amount set nationally and paid to all Scottish councillors.

Alex Graham is also a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme as a councillor. In addition to his own contributions, which were deducted from the salary shown, the Highland Council made contributions of 19.5% of salary to the scheme as an employer.

Further details of the remuneration and expenses of members of the Highland Council can be found on the Council website at

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