Ward Contact Details


Inverness West Ward is a 3 member ward. The  councillors  for the ward are:

  • Alex Graham (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)
  •  Bill Boyd (SNP)
  • Graham Ross (Independent)

Alex, Bill and Graham work together in full co-operation in the interests of Inverness West.

Local residents are free to contact any of their councillors if there is a complaint or problem they wish to raise. If the matter is personal or concerns an individual or just one household, it may be better to contact only one of the councillors be contacted about the matter to avoid confusion or uncertainty about what is happening. This can be any one of the three councillors.

If it is an issue affecting a number of people or a wider area, it may be appropriate to contact more than one of the councillors about it.

Alex Graham

Contact details for Alex Graham are as follows:

26 Duncraig Street
Tel: 01463 241148 (has answering service)
Mobile: 07774 337710

Bill Boyd

Contact details for Boyd are as follows:

15 Royal Ness Court
Mobile: 07787 105813

Graham Ross

Contact details for Graham Ross:

5 Ardness Place
Mobile: 07557 566542



The following Community Councils each cover part of Inverness West Ward:

BALLIFEARY Chair: Mrs H Smith, 3 Ballifeary Road, Inverness, IV3 5PJ


MUIRTOWN Secretary: Ms R Macleod, Sealbhach, 13 King Brude Terrace, Inverness, IV3 8PT

DALNEIGH & COLUMBA Secretary: Mr B Kane, 13 St Ninian Drive, Inverness, IV3 5AT

PARK Secretary: Mr J McClurg Email: parkwardcc@outlook.com  

Community Councils represent the views of the community to The Highland Council and other public bodies operating in their area. They act to further the interests of their communities and are consulted on planning applications within their area and can object to the granting, renewal or transfer of liquor licences.

NOTE: Community Council elections took place in November 2019. The above details may change after that date.

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